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by goppsycho

The GOP Psycho, Greg McClain will hit the radio talk avenue, it was announced today.

McClain, known also as the Mouth of Conservative Talk, will begin broadcasting shortly, even though no specific time or date is set.

McClain, who at one time, was heard on several national networks, will begin with a condensed 30-minute show.

McClain has tackled racial, social and political issues and was once described as a cross between Limbaugh, Howard Stern, and Ed Schultz.

“He is creative, intelligent, compassionate and offensive, all wrapped into one,” noted a former Liberty Works Network employee.

“He had 15 stations at one time and after a heated debate with the KKK and then another with some Hollywood exec, 10 stations dropped him, but 35 picked him up,” the LWN employee added.

McClain will be heard on selected stations in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, West Virgina, Virgina, South Carolina, and Florida.

He also will be available on Blog Talk Radio Network online.

Greg McClain Show Link on Blog Talk Radio

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