American oil companies knowingly importing stolen natural gas condensate from Mexican drug cartels. #news #breakingnews

by goppsycho

American oil companies are knowingly importing stolen natural gas condensate that Mexicandrug cartels have stripped from the Burgos oilfield, the national oil company of Mexico says in Federal Court.

Pemex Exploración y Producción (PEP) says the fraud involves 12 oil and gas companies, including ConocoPhillps and Shell Chemical Company.

It filed a similar lawsuit against some of the same defendants in June2011.

Since 2006,cartels have stolen at least $300 million of condensate from the Burgos Field by hijacking Pemextankers at gunpoint,and stealing the condensate from its 52 transfer-and-delivery systems, the complaint states.

The cartels have also allegedly kidnappedand threatened PEP officials, and “built tunnels and even their own pipelines to facilitate the thefts.”

Natural gas condensate is a feed stock used by refineries and chemical plants.

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