Stallone victim of $1.4 million fraud. #crime #courts #Hollywood

by goppsycho

Sylvester Stallone claims in court that an unlicensed contractor, “an incompetentcon man,”rooked him for $1.4 million in lousy work on the actor’s home.
“If you want to hire an incompetentcon man to do construction, then Mohamed Hadid is your man,”Stallone’s Superior Court complaint begins.

“Unfortunately,Sylvester Stallone is one of Hadid’svictims,and has been damagedin excess of $1 million as a result of Hadid’s fraudulent scheme to profit from construction at Stallone’s Los Angeles County home.

Using the monikers Construction Enterprises and Services, LLC and HD Development, LLC,Hadid perpetrated his fraud on Stallone through a series of lies concerning his qualifications, experience and intentions,as well as through recommendations by Hadid’sfriends,including ‘Housewives of Beverly Hills.’

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