Trayvon Martin Cartoon attacks media bias, causes controversy on racial tolerance #trayvonmartin #tcot #media

by goppsycho

Am I the only one that gets the artist intent with this cartoon.

The main stream media has made the Trayvon Martin case the true definition of what is wrong in today’s 24/7 news world.


NBC has admitted they doctored 911 tapes, the only reason – to build ratings.

Most media outlets have ran with pictures of a young victim and a previous mug shot of the killer, rather than a more recent picture of both.

But, its all about ratings, rather than presenting all sides of the story. It’s all about reporting the socially acceptable side of a story.

When a story, or in this case a cartoon, may be offensive to some, it does not, nor should not silence the author. Instead, it should awaken the voices of others.

by Greg McClain
The GOP Psycho

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