“Coons” and that dreaded “N” word – A Social Tag We Tolerate. #tcot #tlot #racial #news

by goppsycho

Why do we tolerate certain levels of racism and racial slurs in our nation?

When ever we hear a white person show his ignorance and bark out the N-word to a black man, we all become sensative, we become outraged, we then trolley back to our daily lifespan.

When the role is reversed, we repeat our socially accepted anger and move on to the issues that inside our heart matter to us.

Afterall, the verbally racial attack was not directed at me, it does not directly affect me, so we move on.

Racial slurs, racial attacks, verbal or physical on an individual is indeed an attack on all of us.

If we are willing to claim we are decent people, we can not and should not, tolerate or accept a inexcusable attack on any of our fellow humans.

by Greg McClain
The GOP Psycho

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