Why Conservatives need not offer an apology to liberal sluts, liberal talk show fat assess #tcot #tlot

by goppsycho

When Rush Limbaugh called an unattractive, media seeking, under achieving college sex hound, a slut, the liberal maggots throughout the country screamed bloody murder.

All while strongly supporting the murder of children by abortion, or what these ill fated and immoral bags of human waste call a woman’s right.

Unlike most, I wish Limbaugh would never had offered up any apology, he did not have any reason to back down from how he felt.

Personally, I’m becoming very frustrated by many of my fellow Conservative media allies. Every time we say anything that offends anyone, we stand up against a challenging social issue, we back down, we apology for our own beliefs.

We sell our souls out to be socially or politically correct.

That is not a true Conservative, that is a political slut.

If we no longer hold our own values and our own soul as our most vital treasures – we have lost, we have sold our soul for a cheaper cause.

That is what Sandra Fluke did, that’s what Barack Obama and his liberal worshippers do everyday.

We can’t lower our standards to be just another political slut.

We must regain our pride and never offer an apology for our true beliefs.

So, to Ed Schultz and all the liberal government tit sucking deadbeats draining the American economy dry, I say to you – your a disgrace to the dream of the America we once could treasure.

P.S. – Mr. Schultz, before you attack anyone, you need to take a look into your own liquor soaked heart and see where true hatred lives.

by Greg McClain

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