Librats continue Limbaugh assault, tags GOP as thin veil of faux patriotism, phony libertarianism, & fundamentalist White Pride # tcot #dailykos #foxnews

by goppsycho

While many have kicked the living microphone tar out of Rush Limbaugh, the radical liberal whores and prostitutes at Daily Kos, along with other government dependent Demorats, continue with their verbal hatred.

As the new self proclaimed Mouth of Conservative Media the GOP PSYCO urges all true conservatives to stand up and refuse to lay down to this hypocritical onslaught.

The liberal media, with their Ed Schultz and Bill Mauer socialistic driven hate, have over stepped the boundries of correctness as well.

Now, two or three wrongs are still wrong, but as Conservatives are you really willing to run or do you have the courage to stand up for media justice.



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