Limbaugh advertisers who fled are spineless cowards with a politically correct agenda, must be silenced #rush #tcot #sandrafluke #wcot

by goppsycho

I just read where 48 advertisers have jumped from the Rush Limbaugh money train.

I will proudly point out here that of those advertisers, that are publicly traded, they have seen their stock value drop the day they dropped Rush, or the following day.

The volume of trading of those spineless firms also increased, showing by stock market standards, a fear in the future value of their stock.

We also have heard various musical bands and singers, most that are well past their prime and with little substantial value to society, no longer wish their music be played on the Rush program.

My observation is that, first Rush was right calling this sex driven, average performing, now political slut, a prostitute.

Second, he should have never apologized regarding his comments.

Maybe, I find it hard to believe, I’m the only one with enough sense, courage, class, pride, or honesty, still to say, he said just what I was thinking.

To those politically correct starved firms that went running when the liberals came knocking on your door, keep in mind, conservatives who believe in free speech in all forms, from all people, have a voice as well.

We will simply silence you.



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